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Beginners Courses

Beginners Courses : If you wish to join us on a course, please send you contact details on the contact us section.  The course cost is appox. £50, and is usually ran over one weekend, however we can offer alternatives if this does not suit.

Once you have completed the Beginners Course, you can join us for our weekly shooting, but before you do you will have to join the Archery GB (AGB), Durham & Northumberland Archery Association (DNNA) and then Houghton Archers.  An annual fee for each membership is required, this also covers you insurance for shooting, this is AGB - £55, DNNA £5.50 and Houghton Archers £40,  please note these are adult prices, child and connessions are available.

Weekly Shooting fees : At present we offer two options to cover the weekly shooting fee, 1) a monthly direct debit of £15, and you are able to shoot at any monthly session, or 2) £5 per session.



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Please use the contact us section while we are developing this page.  Send your contact details and we will be in touch. 

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